Agilent Keysight AC6803A AC DC Power Source 2kW

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Agilent Keysight AC6803A AC DC Power Source 2kW
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Product description
Keysight’s new AC6800 Series basic AC sources offer the quality and capability you need:
–– Intuitive user interface – If you’ve used a Keysight DC power supply, you’ll feel right at home with
these AC sources.
–– Flexible I/O – LAN/LXI Core and USB (standard), and GPIB (optional). And you can access and
control the source remotely via a standard browser.
–– Low cost of ownership – backed with global support and the longest standard warranty in the
  • AC Power 2000V
  • Voltage Low/High 0-135V/0-270V
  • Frequency 40-500Hz
  • Peak Current Low/High 60A/30A
  • Power Factor 0 to 1
  • Max current: 20A
  • Display: LCD
  • Max. Frequency: 500 Hz
  • Min. Frequency: 40 Hz
  • Power: 2000 VA
  • Max. Voltage: 270 V
  • Min. Voltage: DC
 € 3.500,00