LeCroy, Waverunner 6100A

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LeCroy, Waverunner 6100A
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Descrizione del prodotto
Vertical System
Analog Bandwidth @ 50 Ω (-3 dB) 1 GHz
Rise Time (typical) 300 ps
Input Channels 4
Bandwidth Limiters 20 MHz; 200 MHz
Input Impedance 1 MΩ || 20 pF (10 MΩ || 9.5 pF using PP007 probe)
Input Coupling 50 Ω: DC, 1 MΩ: AC, DC, GND
Maximum Input Voltage 50 Ω: 5 Vrms, 1 MΩ: 250 V max. (Peak AC: <= 10 kHz + DC)
Input Connector ProBus/BNC
Channel-Channel Isolation > 40 dB @ < 100 MHz (> 30 dB @ full bandwidth)
Vertical Resolution 8 bits; up to 11 with enhanced resolution (ERES)
Sensitivity 50 Ω: 2 mV/div–1 V/div fully variable; 1 MΩ: 2 mV–10 V/div fully variable
DC Gain Accuracy ±1.0% of full scale (typical); ±1.5% of full scale, >=10 mV/div (warranted)
Offset Range 50 ½: ±400 mV @ 2–4.95 mV/div ±1 V @ 5–100 mV/div ±10 V @ 102 mV/div–1 V/div 1 M½: ±400 mV @ 2–4.95 mV/div ±1 V @ 5–100 mV/div ±10 V @ 102 mV/div–1 V/div ±100 V @ 1.02 V/div–10 V/div
Offset Accuracy ±(1.5% of offset value + 0.5% of full scale +1 mV) all fixed gain setting < 2 V/div ±(1.5% of offset value + 1.0% of full scale + 1 mV) for variable and V/div settings ³ 2 V/div
Horizontal System
Timebases Internal timebase common to all input channels; an external clock may be applied at the auxiliary input
Time/Division Range Real time: 200 ps/div – 10 s/div, RIS mode: to 20 ps/div, Roll mode: up to 1,000 s/div
Clock Accuracy <= 5 ppm @ 25 °C (<= 10 ppm @ 5–40 °C)
Time Interval Accuracy Clock Accuracy + Jitter
Trigger and Interpolator Jitter <= 3 ps rms (typical)
Sample Rate and Delay Time Accuracy Equal to Clock Accuracy
Channel-Channel Deskew Range ±9 x time/div setting, 100 ms max., each channel
External Sample Clock DC to 1 GHz; 50 Ω, (limited BW in 1 MΩ), BNC input, limited to 2 Ch operation (1 Ch in WR6051A), (minimum rise time and amplitude requirements apply at low frequencies)
Roll Mode User selectable. Available at lower time/div settings
Acquisition System
Single-Shot Sample Rate/Ch 5 GS/s
Interleaved Sample Rate (2 Ch) 10 GS/s
Random Interleaved Sampling (RIS) 200 GS/s
Maximum Trigger Rate 125,000 waveforms/second
Intersegment Time 8 µs
Acquisition Memory Options - Standard (4 Ch / 2Ch) 4M/8M
Acquisition Memory Options - Option L (4 Ch / 2Ch) 8M/16M
Acquisition Memory Options - Option VL (4 Ch / 2Ch) 12M/24M
Sequence Time Stamp Resolution 1 ns
Segments (Sequence Mode) - Standard 1000
Segments (Sequence Mode) - Option L 5000
Segments (Sequence Mode) - Option VL 10000
Acquisition Processing
Averaging Summed and continuous averaging to 1 million sweeps
Enhanced Resolution (ERES) From 8.5 to 11 bits vertical resolution
Envelope (Extrema) Envelope, floor, or roof for up to 1 million sweeps
Interpolation Linear or Sinx/x
Time Resolution (min, Single-shot) 100 ps (10 GS/s)
Triggering System
Trigger Modes Normal, Auto, Single, Stop
Sources Any input channel, External, Ext/10, or Line; slope and level unique to each source, except Line
Coupling DC
Pre-trigger Delay 0–100% of memory size (adjustable in 1% increments, or 100 ns)
Post-trigger Delay Up to 10,000 divisions in real time mode, limited at slower time/div settings in roll mode
Hold-off by Time or Events 2 ns to 20 s or 1 to 1,000,000,000 events
Internal Trigger Range ±4.1 div from center (typical)
Trigger Sensitivity with Edge Trigger (Ch 1–4) 2 div @ < 1 GHz, 1 div @ < 750 MHz
External Trigger Input Range EXT/10 ±4 V; EXT ±400 mV
Max. Trigger Frequency, SMART Trigger 750 MHz @ >= 10 mV
Trigger Level DC Accuracy ±4% full scale ±2 mV (typical)
Basic Triggers
Edge Triggers when signal meets slope (positive or negative) and level condition.
Logic (Pattern) Logic combination (AND, NAND, OR, NOR) of 5 inputs (4 channels and external trigger input – 2 Ch+EXT on WR6051A). Each source can be high, low, or don’t care.The high and low level can be selected independently. Triggers at start or end of the pattern.
SMART Triggers
State or Edge Qualified Triggers on any input source only if a defined state or edge occurred on another input source. Delay between sources is selectable by time or events.
Dropout Triggers if signal drops out for longer than selected time between 2 ns and 20 s.
SMART Triggers with Exclusion Technology
Glitch and Pulse Width Triggers on positive or negative glitches with widths selectable from 600 ps to 20 s or on intermittent faults (subject to bandwidth limit of oscilloscope).
Signal or Pattern Width Triggers on intervals selectable between 2 ns and 20 s.
Timeout (State/Edge Qualified) Triggers on any source if a given state (or transition edge) has occurred on another source. Delay between sources is 2 ns to 20 s, or 1 to 99,999,999 events.
Exclusion Triggering Trigger on intermittent faults by specifying the normal width or period.
Color Waveform Display
Type Color 8.4" flat-panel TFT-LCD with high resolution touch screen
Resolution SVGA; 800 x 600 pixels
Number of traces Display a maximum of 8 traces. Simultaneously display channel, zoom, memory, and math traces.
Grid Styles Auto, Single, Dual, Quad, Octal, XY, Single + XY, Dual + XY
Waveform Representation Sample dots joined or dots only
Internal Waveform Memory
Internal Waveform Memory M1, M2, M3, M4 Internal Waveform Memory (store full-length waveform with 16 bits/data point) or store to any number of files limited only by data storage media.
Automatic Setup
Auto Setup Automatically sets timebase, trigger, and sensitivity to display a wide range of repetitive signals.
Vertical Find Scale Automatically sets the vertical sensitivity and offset for the selected channels to display a waveform with maximum dynamic range.
Probes One PP007-WR-1 per channel standard; Optional passive and active probes available.
Probe System: ProBus Automatically detects and supports a variety of compatible probes.
Scale Factors Automatically or manually selected, depending on probe used
Analog Persistence Display
Analog and Color-Graded Persistence Variable saturation levels; stores each trace’s persistence data in memory.
Trace Selection Activate persistence on all or any combination of traces.
Sweep Display Modes All accumulated, or all accumulated with last trace highlighted.
Persistence Selections Select analog, color, or three-dimensional.
Persistence Types Aging time select from 500 ms to infinity.
Processor Type Intel® Celeron,® 2.0 GHz or better.
Processor Memory 256 MB on Std and M option; 512 MB with L and VL options
Operating System Microsoft Windows® XP Professional
Zoom Expansion Traces
Zoom Expansion Traces Display up to 4 Zoom/Math traces
Setup Storage
Setup Storage Front Panel and Instrument Status Store to the internal hard drive, over the network, or to a USB-connected peripheral device.
Remote Control Via Windows Automation, or via LeCroy Remote Command Set
GPIB Port (optional) Supports IEEE – 488.2
Ethernet Port 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface (RJ-45 connector)
USB Ports 5 USB 2.0 ports (one on front of instrument) supports Windows-compatible devices.
Auxiliary Input
Signal Types Selected from External Trigger or External Clock input on front panel
Coupling 50 Ω: DC, 1 MΩ: AC, DC, GND
Maximum Input Voltage 50 Ω: 5 Vrms, 1 MΩ: 250 V max. (Peak AC: <= 10 kHz + DC)
Auxiliary Output
Signal Types Trigger Enabled, Trigger Output. Pass/Fail, or Off
Output Level TTL, Å3.3 V
Calibrator Signal Output available on front panel connector provides a variety of signals for probe calibration and compensation.
Auto Calibration Ensures specified DC and timing accuracy is maintained for 1 year minimum.
Power Requirements 100–240 Vrms at 50/60 Hz; 115 Vrms (±10%) at 400 Hz, Automatic AC Voltage Selection Installation Category: 300V CAT II; Max. Power Consumption: 400 VA/400 W; 350 VA/350 W for WaveRunner 6051A
Environmental and Safety
Temperature (Operating) +5 °C to 40 °C
Temperature (Non-Operating) -20 °C to +60 °C
Humidity (Operating) 5% to 80% RH (non-condensing) up to 30 °C, Upper limit derates linearly to 45% RH (non-condensing) at 40 °C
Humidity (Non-Operating) 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing) as tested per MIL-PRF-28800F
Altitude (Operating) 3,048 m (10,000 ft.) max at<=25 °C
Altitude (Non-Operating) 12,190 m (40,000 ft.)
Physical Dimensions
Dimensions (HWD) (HWD) 211 mm x 355 mm x 363 mm (excluding feet) 8.3" x 13.8" x 14.3"
Shipping Weight less than 13.6 kg. (30 lbs.)
Net Weight 10 kg. (22 lbs.), excluding printer
Certifications CE Compliant, UL and cUL listed; Conforms to EN 61326-1, EN 61010-1, UL 3111-1, and CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1

  • Canali: 4
  • Display: Color DSO
  • Larghezza di Banda : 1 GHz
  • Velocità di campionamento: 10 Gs/s max