Tektronix, TCP202

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Tektronix, TCP202
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Descrizione del prodotto

When combined with a Tektronix TDS oscilloscope, the TCP202 enables users to make direct readout DC and AC current measurements, resulting in accurately displayed and recorded measurements.

The TCP202 is a general-purpose probe for displaying and measuring current in electronic circuits. It is ideal for power supply and motor drive design, and for device testing.

The accuracy of the TCP202 AC/DC current probe is normally 3%. However, the accuracy may be improved to 1% when the probe is calibrated on certain TDS oscilloscope models using the optional Calibrator P/N 015-0672-50. This improved accuracy is available on the TDS500, TDS600, and TDS700 Series, however the optional calibrator is only functional with the TDS500, TDS600, or TDS700 Series oscilloscope calibrator pins. The calibration fixture is not required for TDS3000C and TDS5000B Series oscilloscopes.

  • Easy Current Measurements
  • Probe Connects Directly to TDS Scope through TEKPROBE™ BNC Interface
  • Split Core Construction for Easy Circuit Connection
  • DC to 50 MHz Bandwidth
  • 15 Amps DC + Peak AC Current
  • 50 Amps Peak Pulse Current
  • 500 × 10-6Ampere-Sec Product
  • Frequenza massima: 50 MHz
  • Frequenza minima: DC