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Descrizione del prodotto
The Leader LBO-51MA is an ideal solution for those applications that require a bright, high-resolution CRT display driven from X-Y coordinate analogs and intensity (Z-axis) modulation.

The LBO-51MA is in use in a large variety of custom and OEM instrumentation applications. The CRT features small spot size over an 8 x 10 cm screen and is equipped with a removable graticule that may be overprinted with the users graphics.

Bandwidth of 3 MHz for X and Y drivers plus 4 MHz intensity modulation ensures resolution to meet demanding display needs.

Special configurations are available for use with user-supplied controls, special internally etched graticules, optional phosphors and other modifications to meet particular user requirements.

  • Designed for OEM and Custom Applications
  • Standard Half-Rack Configuration
  • 3-MHz X and Y Bandwidth
  • 4-MHz Z-Axis Bandwidth
  • P31 or Optional Phosphors
  • Removable Imprintable External Graticule
  • Custom Internal Graticules Available
  • Stereo Phase Monitoring
  • Canali: 3
  • Display: CRT
  • Larghezza di Banda : 3 MHz