HP Agilent Keysight, 35665A


HP Agilent Keysight, 35665A
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Descrizione del prodotto
The Agilent/HP 35665Ais a 2-channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer providing measurement solutions in vibration, acoustics, and control systems. Its major options are computed order tracking, real-time octave, swept sine, curve fit and synthesis, arbitrary source, and Instrument BASIC. The Agilent/HP 35665A is a flexible FFT-based analyzer that provides time, spectrum, network and amplitude domain measurements with a broad range of measurement options applicable in electronics, servo- mechanical and electronic control systems, machinery vibration, and general noise and vibration troubleshooting applications. The measurement options include:
  • Computed order tracking measurements
  • Real-time octave measurements (complies with ANSI Sl.ll)
  • Swept-sine measurements
  • Curve fit/synthesis
  • Arbitrary waveform source

Measurement options expand the electronics test capability of the standard Agilent/HP 35665A into other application areas. With the addition of HP Instrument BASIC programs, even the most complex applications can be reduced to a single keystroke. The multi-faceted measurement modes of the Agilent/HP 35665A have the measurement functionality of a spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, acoustic sound-level meter, acoustic intensity analyzer, vibration analyzer, audio oscilloscope and amplitude domain analyzer in a single package.

  • 1-channel at 102.4 kHz, 2 channels at 51.2 kHz
  • 100, 200, 400, 800 lines of resolution
  • Built in 3.5 inch floppy disk
  • Tachometer input
  • Source: Random, burst random, pink noise, sine, swept-sine, arbitrary, periodic chirp, burst chirp
  • 3.2 M Sample time-capture buffer (optional)
  • Measurements: linear spectrum, cross-spectrum, power spectral density, frequency response, time waveform, auto-correlation, cross-correlation, histogram, PDF, CDF
  • Optional real-time octave, computed order tracking, swept-sine, curve fit, synthesis, and arbitrary source.
  • One Channel Mode (CH. 1): 102.4 kHz
  • Two Channel Mode (Ch 1 & 2): 51.2 kHz
  • 100, 200, 400 or 800 lines resolution
  • Frequency resolution = frequency span/number of lines resolution
  • Minimum frequency resolution
  • One Channel Mode: 244 uHz
  • Two Channel Mode: 122 uHz
  • One Channel Mode: 102.4 kHz to 0.19531 Hz
  • Two Channel Mode: 51.2 kHz to 0.097656 Hz
  • Real Time Bandwidth
  • Fast Average On: >=12.8 kHz
Measurement Rate
  • 401 point FFT display, fast average on
  • One Channel mode: >=33 averages/second (typical)
  • Two channel mode: >=15 averages/second (typical)
  • DISPLAY UPDATE RATE: >=8 updates/second (typical)
  • 401 point FFT display, fast average off


  • 1C2: HP Instrument BASIC
  • 1D0: Computed order Tracking
  • 1D1: Real-time Octave Measurements
  • 1D2: Swept-Sine Measurements
  • 1D3: Curve fit/Synthesis
  • 1D4: Arbitrary Waveform Surce
  • Frequenza massima: 102.4 kHz
  • Frequenza minima: DC
  • Sorgente: si