Giga-tronics, 80350A


Giga-tronics, 80350A
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Descrizione del prodotto
The 8035XA Series Peak Power Sensors perform true sample-based peak power measurements on pulsed signals. The sensors are compatible with Giga-tronics Series 8540, and the 8650 series Universal Power Meters and the Model 58542 VXIbus Universal Power Meter. The sensors operate from 45 MHz to 18, 26.5, and 40 GHz. High power  versions of 5, 25 and 50 Watts, are available to 18 GHz.
Peak Power sensors have three modes of operation: (1) CW, (2) Peak, internally
triggered, and (3) Peak, externally triggered. When operated in the peak modes, trigger-point to sample-point delay (sample delay) is adjustable from -20 ns to 100 ms in 0.5 ns steps. Trigger levels are also adjustable.
The Giga-tronics proprietary power sweep calibration system provides excellent linearity from
-20 dBm to +20 dBm in Peak modes, and from -30 dBm to +20 dBm in CW mode. Cal Factors stored in EEPROMs in the power sensors automatically compensate for sensor frequency response variations. This unique approach can be configured for automatic frequency response correction. A detector output signal is provided for viewing the detected envelope of the pulsed RF waveform on an oscilloscope. Use of a digital oscilloscope is recommended.
  • Range di frequenza: 45 MHz - 18 GHz
  • Range di potenza: -30 / + 20 dBm (CW); -20/+20 dBm (Peak)
  • Massima potenza: +23 dBm (200mW)
  • Connettori:
    • RF Connector (N)
    • Trigger IN
    • Sample Delay
    • Detector Out
  • Frequenza massima: 18 GHz
  • Frequenza minima: 45 MHz
  • Potenza massima: +20 dBm
  • Potenza minima: -30 dBm (CW)
  • Tipo di misura: Peak-CW