Fluke, DSP-4300


Fluke, DSP-4300
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Descrizione del prodotto
DSP-4300 offers the most comprehensive cable testing and certification solution for high-speed copper and fiber networks. Expanded on-board memory, increased productivity and accuracy with convenient cable ID download, enhanced Cat 6 Channel adapters and Permanent Link adapters - are all included in the standard DSP-4300 toolset.

The DSP-4300 is Fluke's latest digital cable analyzer. Designed for cable installers and network owners who need to certify high-speed copper and fiber cabling to today's - and tomorrow's - standards. It supports all the tests specified in the new standards, including Near-End Crosstalk (Next), Equal Level Far-End Crosstalk (ELFEXT), Power Sum NEXT, Power Sum ELFEXT, Attenuation, Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio (ACR), Propagation Delay, Return Loss and Delay Skew.

Test Standards
  • TIA Category 3 and 5E per Addendum #5 to TIA/EIA-568A
  • TIA Category 5 (new) per TIA TSB-95
  • TIA Category 6 per TIA Addendum #1 to TIA/EIA-568B (draft)
  • ISO/IEC 11801 Class C and D (new)
  • ISO/IEC 11801-2000 Class C and D (new)
  • STP cabling, (IBM Type 1, 150 W)
  • IEEE 802.3 10BASE5, 10BASE2
  • IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T
  • IEEE 802.5

Supported Tests (Range of test is determined by network or selected standard)

  • NEXT, NEXT @ Remote
  • Wire Map
  • Characteristic Impedance
  • Length
  • DC Loop Resistance
  • Propagation Delay
  • Return Loss (RL), RL @ Remote
  • Delay Skew
  • Attenuation
  • Attenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratio (ACR), ACR @ Remote
  • Power Sum ACR, PSACR @ Remote
  • ELFEXT, ELFEXT @ Remote
  • Power Sum ELFEXT, PSELFEXT @ Remote
  • Power Sum NEXT, PSNEXT @ Remote
  • Categoria: cat. 6
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