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Descrizione del prodotto
Applications: This kit is used to calibrate the HP8753 network analyzer. Two terminations are supplied. This allows quick "Full" two-port calibrations. Additionally, with two terminations a critical triangle of agreement can be established between the two terminations. Simply calibrate a port using one termination and measure the other termination. If the other termination does not appear good then one or the other is not in specification and must be replaced. The kit can also be used to verify calibration and performance of other reflectometer type equipment such as the Anritsu SiteMaster or Bird Site Analyzers Description:This kit contains two precision 50 ohm terminations. The termination is used during the "load" portion of a calibration. The DC accuracy of the termination is within 0.05 ohm.There is also an open. When installed this provides a dimentionally accurate outer transmission line for the female pin of the device being calibrated. Also provided is a precision short The short occurs within 0.1mm of the reference plane of the "N" connector. This is used to determine the open/short ratio before making your measurement.The components are contained in a durable plastic case. This not only protects the components during transit from one job to another, but also helps prevent loss.

Caratteristiche tecniche :

Accuratezza delle terminazioni >-46 dB a 3.0 GHz
Tutti i componenti si possono usare da DC a 3 GHz
Il Kit contiene due 2 terminazioni a 50Ω, 1 open e 1 short
Categoria di potenza : 2 Watts
Diagramma di Calibrazione incluso
Certificato di Calibrazione incluso