Anritsu (Wiltron), MG3633A

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Anritsu (Wiltron), MG3633A
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Descrizione del prodotto

The Anritsu MG3633A has excellent frequency resolution, frequency switching speed, signal purity, and a high output level, in addition to amplitude, frequency, and phase modulation functions. Sweep functions are also provided for carrier frequency, output level, and modulation frequency so an appropriate sweep can be performed for various devices to be measured. Also, the MG3633A has a frequency memory that can store 1000 carrier frequencies and a function memory that stores 100 panel settings. Moreover, since the maximum output level is +17 dBm, it can be used for various local signal sources. The MG3633A is suitable for research and development of mobile communications in the quasi-microwave band, performance evaluation, characteristics testing, and adjustment of various types of radio equipment such as digital land-based mobile communications, mobile satellite communications, satellite broadcasting, and radio LANs.


Caratteristiche tecniche :

  • Range di frequenza: 10 kHz a 2.7 GHz
  • Risoluzione Massima 0.01 Hz
  • RF Output Level: -143  +23 dBm
  • Risoluzione: 0.1 dBm
  • Modulazione AM, FM, øM
  • GPIB


  • Frequenza massima: 2700MHz
  • Frequenza minima: 10KHz
  • Modulazioni: AM-FM-M
  • Potenza uscita massima: 23 dBm
  • Potenza uscita minima: -143 dBm