Advantest, R3465


Advantest, R3465
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Descrizione del prodotto
The R3465 is a modulation spectrum analyzer that goes beyond traditional spectrum analysis. The 8 GHz frequency response provides coverage for a full range of digital radio frequencies and a high-performance spectrum analyzer armed with capabilities sufficient to support detailed waveform analysis. The newly developed high-speed settling synthesizer significantly reduces blanking time for narrow-band sweep (span of 5 MHz or less), thus enabling truly high-speed measurement. A high-frequency sweep accuracy of 1% or less, frequency stability of 2 x 10-8 /day, and a built-in preselector starting from 1.7 GHz permit harmonic measurements with a dynamic range of 100 dBc. In addition to these powerful spectrum analyzer functions, the R3465 also offers built-in modulation analysis for a variety of digital mobile communication standards.
The 6.5 in. TFT color LCD display provides powerful support for multi-window operations. It also incorporates a 15-degree adjustable tilt mechanism for easy viewing under a variety of lighting conditions.

  • Range dinamico 1 dB
  • Range in frequenza 9 kHz - 8 GHz
  • Inpedenza d'ingresso 50 ohm
  • Resolution Bandwidth 300 Hz - 3 MHz
  • Video Bandwidth 1 Hz - 3 MHz
  • Marker counter resolution 1 Hz - 1 kHz
  • Demodulatore AM-FM
  • PHS, PDC e NADC standard (GSM/DCS1800/DCS1900/DECT/CDMA Measurement optionale)
  • Due modi di funzionamento:
    • Analizzatore di spettro
    • Tester per trasmissioni digitali
  • Built-in digital modulation analysis function
  • Menu operation automatically set standard parameters, STD mode and measurement function keys
  • Compact, Lightweight (17 kg), 6.5 inch TFT color LCD
  • 2 slots memory card drive
  • Demodulatore: AM-FM
  • Display: TFT, LCD colori
  • Frequenza massima: 8 GHz
  • Frequenza minima: 9 kHz
  • Livello massimo: +30 dBm
  • Livello minimo: -105 dBm
  • Risoluzione minima: 300 Hz