LG, DM-441B

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LG, DM-441B
Above pictures can be different from actually sold item as well as the installed options. On request we'll send you high resolution pictures and options of the real item.
Product description
The DM-441B is a 4 1/2 digit, 20,000 count bench top multimeter. ThisTrue RMS meter has a basic accuracy of 0.1%. The DM-441B supports a full range of functions including:frequency, resistance, voltage, current with transistor check and added  features like data hold, and continuity. The DM-441B is overload protected up to 600 volts in the resistance ranges.
  • 4 and 1/2 digit display, 5 digit green LED, 19999 count
  • Vdc basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • Full Overload Protection
  • Frequency Measurement up to 200kHz
  • Continuity Check with Beeper
  • Data Hold.  Diode Check. TR hfr Measurement
  • True RMS in AC Range
  • 600V Overload Protection in resistance range
  • AAC Max: 10A
  • ADC Max: 10A
  • Digit: 4.5
  • VAC Max: 750V
  • VDC Max: 1000V