Keithley 7700 datalogger 20 channels Differential Multiplex Module

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Keithley 7700 datalogger 20 channels Differential Multiplex Module
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Product description
The 7700 plug-in module offers 20 channels of 2-pole or 10 channels of 4-pole multiplexer switching that can be configured as two independent banks of multiplexers. There are two additional protected channels for current measurements. Automatic CJC is provided so that no other accessories are required to make thermocouple temperature measurements. In addition, the 7700 contains latching electromechanical relays that enable signal bandwidths of up to 50 MHz. The 7700 is ideal for RTD, thermistor, and thermocouple temperature applications.
• 20 channels for general purpose measurements, plus two channels to measure current
• Oversize screw terminal connection blocks are standard for easier connections
• 50 MHz bandwidth
• 300 V, 1 A capacity for voltage channels; 60 W, 125 VA
• 3 A capacity for current channels
• Low insertion loss of up to 50 MHz
• Relay closures stored in onboard memory