Hughes, 8015H15F000

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Hughes, 8015H15F000
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Product description

The Hughes 8000 Series of Standard Band Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers cover the 1 to 40 GHz frequency range with a minimum power output of 10/20 watts CW. Each amplifier consists of a PPM metal-ceramic traveling-wave tube, a regulated solid state power supply and complete air cooling system assembled within a compact instrument case. The 8010/8020's light-weight compactness makes it ideal for either bench or 19-inch rack mounting. This size-weight feature is the result of the unique circuit design. The 8010/8020's have a wide variety of uses in such applications as EMI testing, antenna testing, communications, component testing, system testing and general laboratory requirements.

Technical details :

  • Frequency range 27 GHz to 30 GHz (working from 24 GHz to 40 GHz)
  • Output Power 15 W
  • Opt.J: this option protects the traveling-wave tube from varying VSWR conditions.
  • Opt.P: GPIB Interface
  • Max. Frequency: 30 GHz
  • Min. Frequency: 27 GHz
  • Max. power: 15 W