Power supply HP Agilent E3642A 50W 8V 5A o 20V 2.5A

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Power supply HP Agilent E3642A 50W 8V 5A o 20V 2.5A
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Product description
The E3640A Series bench power supply gives you outputs from 30 W to 100 W of power along with dual range flexibility. Each output has a low and high voltage range. The low voltage range allows the power supply to output more current. The series also has models with one and two outputs – tracking is turned on or off to allow the two outputs to operate independently or work as a pair.
  • Low output noise with ripple and noise < 500 µVrms
  • Stable output, load regulation < 0.01%
  • Meter accuracy better than 0.05%
  • Store and recall up to five different operating state
  • 1 channel
  • Connectivity: RS232 and GPIB
  • Power 50W
  • Max Voltage 20V
  • Max Current 2.5A
  • Max current: 5A
  • Display: VFD
  • Interface: GPIB and Serial
  • Max. Voltage: 20V