HP Agilent Keysight Symmetricom, Z3805A

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HP Agilent Keysight Symmetricom, Z3805A
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Product description
The Z3805A GPS Receiver provides highly accurate time and frequency outputs that can be used for synchronizing CDMA Cellular Land Network wireless base stations. The Receiver provides highly accurate timing. If a satellite signal is lost, the Receiver automatically switches to holdover mode, which ensures system synchronization for up to 24 hours with reduced accuracy.
  • 8-Channels GPS Receive
  • 6-Channel GPS Parallel  tracking
  • C/A code, L1  carrier
  • HP smart clock / HP  enhanced GPS
  • By locking the  oscillator to GPS signal provides frequency accuracy of better than 1 X  10-12
  • Output: two 10MHz and two  1PPS
  • Power Input: 19.5 - 30V DC
  • with HP 10811-60165 double oven  ultra precision high stability

  • Type of calibration: 10 MHz Frequency Reference
 € 600,00