HP Agilent 35689A

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HP Agilent 35689A
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Product description

The Agilent 35689A is a test set that is available for the Agilent 3589A Spectrum/Network Analyzer. The 35689A is designed for 50-ohm devices. The Agilent 35689A has a separate spectrum input to let you make spectrum measurements without disconnecting the test set.

The Agilent 35689A contains directional couplers that are optimized for operation above 100 kHz. Although you can make network measurements with start frequencies lower than 100 kHz, the analyzer's performance is not specified below 100 kHz when using the Agilent 35689A Test Set.

  • Frequency range: 100 kHz to 150 MHz
  • Test Port Impedance: 50Ω
  • Directivity: >40 dB
  • Spectrum Port Insertion Loss:
  • Power: 115 Vac Operation: 90 to 132 V rms, 47 to 66 Hz; 230 Vac Operation: 198 to 264 V rms, 47 to 66 Hz
  • Size: 426 mm W x 90 mm H x 584 mm D (16.75 in x 3.5 in x 22.75 in)
With a test set, you can make the following measurements:
  • Normalized transmission
  • Normalized reflection
  • S.11 (forward reflection)
  • S.21 (forward transmission)
  • S.12 (reverse transmission)
  • S.22 (reverse reflection)
  • Connector: Nf
  • Directivity: > 40 dB
  • Max. Frequency: 150 MHz
  • Min. Frequency: 100 kHz