HP Agilent Keysight, 8720ES

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HP Agilent Keysight, 8720ES
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Product description
The Keysight 8720ES, Network Analyzer, includes an integrated synthesized source, test set and tuned receiver. The built-in S-parameter test set provides a full range of magnitude and phase measurements in both the forward and reverse directions. Built-in vector accuracy enhancement techniques include full two-port, adapter-removal, and optional TRL calibration. The Agilent 8720E, Network Analyzer, family includes three T/R and three S-parameter network analyzers, covering 13.5, 20 and 40 GHz.

  • 50 MHz to 20 GHz
  • 100 dB of dynamic range
  • Excellent measurement accuracy
  • Two measurement channels
  • Four display channels
  • Frequency and power sweeps
  • Fast sweep and data transfer speed
  • Pass/Fail testing, powerful marker functions
  • Electronic calibration (ECal)
  • Internal automation with test-sequencing
  • Optional time-domain, high power test set, four samplers and TRL calibration, direct sampler access, frequency-offset mode
  • Connector: NMD 3.5 male
  • Max. Frequency: 20 GHz
  • Min. Frequency: 50 MHz
  • Channels: 2
  • Source: internal
  • Test set: S-parameter
 € 13.900,00