HP Agilent Keysight, 8720D

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HP Agilent Keysight, 8720D
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Product description
The HP Agilent 8720D Network Analyzer features a frequency range of 50 MHz to 20 GHz, a drastically faster processor compared to earlier versions, a built-in fast sweeping synthesized source, an integrated solid-state switching S-Parameter Test Set, Vector Receiver, Error Correction and the tuned receivers provide up to 105 dB dynamic range. The HP 8720D allows fast tests of microwave linear and nonlinear devices in both coaxial and non coaxial environments, such as waveguide, in-fixture, and on-wafer. With a relatively small foot-print compared to earlier network analyzers, the 8720D is perfect for cost-conscious engineers, short on bench space. It is perfect for R&D, manufacturing, or quality assurance.

The "Fast" processor is seven times faster than earlier versions of the 8720 series. The fully synthesized source (in both swept or stepped modes) offers stability and accuracy within 10 ppm (typical). Frequency resolution is 1 Hz standard for accurate measurements of narrow band or long-delay devices. Two independent channels can measure and display all four S-Parameters simultaneously. Reflection and transmission measurements can be displayed in a variety of formats, including magnitude, phase, group delay, SWR, and Smith Charts. # Built-in vector accuracy enhancement provides excellent error corrected accuracy in common coaxial connectors, A user kit supports user-defined standards, and allows calibration in waveguide. Adapter removal calibration provides greater accuracy for measurements of non-insertable devices, such as devices with same sex connectors on both ports or different connector types on ports 1 and 2.
  • 50 MHz to 20 GHz frequency coverage
  • New processor makes measurements and data transfers up to seven times faster
  • Fast-sweeping, built-in synthesized source
  • Integrated solid-state switching S-parameter test set
  • Vecter receiver, error correcton, time domain
  • Up to 105 dB dynamic range
  • Max. Frequency: 20 GHz
  • Min. Frequency: 50 MHz
  • Channels: 2
  • Source: internal
  • Test set: S-parameter