HP Agilent Keysight, 8566B

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HP Agilent Keysight, 8566B
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Product description

The Agilent 8566B spectrum analyzer is for bench-top or ATE use. It is a versatile instrument with many applications, such as EMC testing, broadband signal surveillance, and component stimulus-response testing.

The exceptional stability of the Agilent 8566B allows measurements with a 10 Hz resolution bandwidth. The narrow resolution bandwidth yields sensitivities to 135 dBm. Multiple traces can be displayed to measure residual FM or drift, or to conduct real-time surveillance over a wide frequency range.

By adding an HP-IB plotter, such as an Agilent 7550A, 8-pen color plotter, a hard copy of all information on the display of the spectrum analyzer can be made for analysis, documentation, or presentation. Plots can be produced directly or with the aid of a controller.

  • Frequency range: 100 Hz-22 GHz
  • Measurements to 325 GHz with external mixers
  • Exceptional frequency stability and sensitivity
  • Up to four trace markers with amplitude and frequency readout
  • Stores traces, instrument states and custom downloadable programs (DLPs)
  • RBW 10 Hz
  • Display: CRT monochrome
  • Max. Frequency: 22 GHz (325 GHz with external mixer)
  • Min. Frequency: 100 Hz
  • Min. Resolution: 10 Hz
  • Tracking generator: external not included
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