HP Agilent Keysight, 8340B

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HP Agilent Keysight, 8340B
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Product description
The 8340B synthesized sweep generator offers superior resolution of 1 to 4 Hz over the frequency range of 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. Output is generated by an indirect synthesis technique that yields low single-sideband phase noise. This makes the 8340B an excellent source for use in conjunction with microwave network analyzers like the HP 8510B. The indirect synthesis technique also gives the 8340B a very fast CW switching time of typically better than 35 ms. A fast phase-lock feature can also be enabled to give switch times between 11 and 22 ms depending on absolute frequency and step size. Long term stability is excellent at 1x10-9/day. Calibrated output range +10 dBm to -110 dBm. Pulse, AM, FM modulation and a complete analog sweeping with widths as narrow as 100Hz. HP-IB.

001: Front RF Output without Attenuator
004: Rear RF Output with Attenuator
005: Rear RF Output without Attenuator
006: Delete Pulse Modulation
007: Relaxed Phase Noise Specifications
008: 1 kHz Frequency Resolution
806: Rackmount Slide Kit
850: 8410 B/C Interface Cable
908: Kit for Rack Flanges without Front
910: Additional Operating and Service Manual
913: Rack Mount Flange Kit
915: Additional Service Manual
E69: MATE/CIIL Programming Capability
  • Max frequency: 26.5 GHz
  • Minimum Frequency: 10 MHz
  • Modulation: AM-PULSE
  • Max. Output level: 10 dBm
  • Min. output level: -110 dB
  • Resolution: max 1 Hz