HP Agilent Keysight, 37721A

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HP Agilent Keysight, 37721A
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Product description

The HP 37721A digital transmission analyzer is a portable, lightweight, rugged test set providing bit and code error testing at the European CEPT rates of 704 kb/s, 2, 8, 34, and 140 Mb/s.  It measures error performance to CCITT Recommendation G.821, with interfaces to G.703.

A key feature of the HP 37721A is its ease of use: the auto setup facility automatically configures the test set to the incoming data; nine stored setups ensure that required test parameters are instantly available; graphic display of results shows error counts, error seconds, and alarms at a glance; and a range of logging options to an internal or external printer provides customized hard-copy proof of results.

Option 001 provides remote control via RS-232 and HP-IB interfaces and adds the ability to log results to an HP ThinkJet.  Multiple outputs in Option 002 enable simultaneous loading of four channels of a multiplexer or digital radio with only one test set. With Option 003, up to 100 ppm of frequency offset is provided at all rates to evaluate clock-recovery circuits.

  • Bit and code error testing at 704 kb/s, 2, 8, 34 & 140 Mb/s
  • Portable, lightweight, rugged
  • Text and graphic results on large display
  • Stored setups and autosetup for ease of use
  • Remote control, frequency offset and measurement, multiple outputs