Gossen Metrawatt SSP 62N series DC Power supply 1000W

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Gossen Metrawatt SSP 62N series DC Power supply 1000W
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Product description
(Single-Output System Power Supplies)are single output, programable and computer controlled laboratory power supplies for universal use in R&D, production and testing. Special circuitry allows for jumping from 0 V to nominal voltage (and back again) under nominal load conditions within response times of less than 10 ms.
The analog interface provides for monitor and auxiliary outputs, as well as programmable trigger and setpoint inputs.

  • Wide range of functions, minimal power loss
  • Auto-ranging output with 500 or 1000 W
  • Voltage and current regulated output
  • Increased output power for brief intermittent periods
  • Very short response times thanks to special circuitry
  • Dynamic sink mode operation
  • Excellent dynamic control parameters
  • Minimal residual ripple
  • Output ON/OFF function
  • Lockable control elements
  • Sequence controls for the generation of voltage and current sequences
  • Master-slave operation with parallel or series connection
  • Protection against overvoltage, overcurrent and excessive temperature
  • Analog interface
  • Output terminals at rear panel