GwInstek, GDS2104

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GwInstek, GDS2104
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Product description
The GDS-2000 Series comes along with All-In-One design, including 1GSa/s sampling rate, 25k record length, 2 and 4 channel selection, TFT color LCD display, USB support on flash drive storage, color printout, and remote control, Battery power operation and all the powerful Auto-Measurement functions. With GDS-2000 Series digital storage oscilloscope, you could easily make your job done.
The 1GSa/s sampling , the 2CH and 4CH selection with TFT color display , the USB mass storage and programmability, the RS-232C and USB interface included as standard features, and the battery power operation(optional) available for field applications all together make GDS-2000 Series a new standard for the main stream DSO market.

  • Scope Channels:4
  • N. of Channels:4
  • Larghezza di banda:100MHz
  • Meter Display Type:TFT Colour
  • Velocità di campionamento:1GS/s
  • Input Impedance:1Mohm
  • Tempo di salita:3.5ns
  • Tensione di ingresso -:300V
  • Supply Voltage Min:100VAC
  • Supply Voltage Max:240 VCA
  • External Height:142mm
  • External Width:310mm
  • External Depth:254mm

  • Channels: 4
  • Display: TFT coor LCD
  • BandWidth: 100 MHz
  • Sampling: 1GS/s