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Product description

The OMNIScanner2 provides advanced certification for Cat 5/5e/6 cabling links to 300 MHz using an extendible digital platform that ensures unprecedented Level III accuracy. With superior diagnostics, Cat 6 Permanent Link and Channel support standard, and comprehensive test results management software, you can rely on the OMNIScanner2 to help you win any Cat 6/5e bid.


  • Instantly pinpoint specific connection failures with S-Bands diagnostics
  • Test up to 300 MHz on class F links
  • Shielded plug to test Cat 6 compliance and interoperability
  • Dual-fiber, dual wavelength, multimode & single-mode certification with OMNIFiber Modules
  • USB connections for high- speed downloads
  • Manufacturer-specific cable libraries pre-installed
  • Easily manage and document copper and fiber links with new LinkWare software
  • Cat.: cat. 6
  • Optical measurement: optional