Fluke, 620

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Fluke, 620
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Product description
With the Fluke 620 LAN CableMeter®, you'll be able to test your cable connections on your own, as you install. The easy-to-use 620 tests the connections without requiring a remote connector or another installation expert at the other end of the cable.

Using a Fluke 620, the installer can immediately verify that end-to-end connectivity is defect-free, in all category UTP LAN cables and hardware, as well as STP, FTP, and Coax types. From one end, the 620 can detect (1) an open circuit and the length to this open; (2) a short, and the distance to the short circuit; (3) a split pair condition (showing the actual pairing detected).
  • One person verifies each connection as he goes
  • Tests all LAN cable types: UTP, STP, FTP, Coax
  • Detects a multitude of wiring problems: open, short, crossed, reversed, split pair
  • Locates wiring/connection errors (distance to the open or short)
  • Measures cable length