Fluke, 435

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Fluke, 435
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Product description
The Fluke 435 and 434 three-phase power quality analyzers help you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in power distribution systems. These easy-to-use handheld tools have many innovative features to give you the details to pinpoint problems faster and safer.
  • Input Channels  4 voltage and current (3 phases + neutral)
  • Instrument Type  Handheld
  • Interfaces  RS-232, Screen, Printer
  • Operation Modes  Recorder, logger, monitor
  • Measurements  Voltage, current, frequency, dips and swells, harmonics, flicker, unbalance, inrush, transients, energy, interharmonics

 € 3.900,00
Available for rent
Price per week € 295,00