Fluke 199C Scopemeter 200MHz color

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Fluke 199C Scopemeter 200MHz color
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Product description
27500 points per input record length using ScopeRecord™-Roll captures complete motion profiles, and UPS-, power supply- and motor start-ups. 100x zoom for detailed analysis of fast intermittent events
Record length 3000 points per channel
Advanced triggering capability. Connect-and-View™ automatic triggering for simplicity, a full range of manual triggering modes plus external triggering (third input) for complex timing
Stop-on-Trigger in ScopeRecord mode stores and analyzes pre-trigger waveform data
Automatic capture and replay of 100 screens, allows instant replay as a live animation or picture-by-picture
Digital persistence for analysing complex dynamic waveforms like an analogue scope
28 Automatic waveform measurements
Cursors, Zoom and real time clock. For analysis of signal details, long records and TrendPlot™
144mm LCD display, 190B range – monochrome, 190C range – high resolution colour
Vpwm function for motor drive and frequency inverter applicationsIndependently floating isolated inputs. Up to 1000V between inputs, references and ground
Waveform reference for visual comparisons
5000-count true RMS multi-meter & dual channel TrendPlot™ paperless recorder for up to 8 days of trend and intermittent fault analysis
Save up to 2 recordings for later analysis and recall
Save up to 10 screens and setups
Print screens directly or download data to a PC for later analysis and documentation with Flukeview® software
Four-hour rechargeable NiMH battery pack
Complies with EN61010-1 (safety standard) 1000V CAT II and 600V CAT III
Fast display update rate for seeing dynamic behaviour instantaneously
  • Bandwidth: 200 MHz
  • Sampling: 2.5 GS / s real time
  • Memory: 1200 points
  • Record Memory: 27500 points
  • True RMS multimeter: 5000 count Volt, Ampere, ohm, Continuity, diode, Temp
  • Channels: 2
  • Display: 144 mm Full color LCD
  • Interface: Optic Serial
  • VDC Max: 1000V
  • Sampling: 2.5 GS/s