ELAD, SNA-2550

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ELAD, SNA-2550
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Product description
The Scalar Network Analyzer SNA-2550 is an instrument capable of measuring the impedance matching and the gain
of circuits with a nominal impedance of 50 Ohm.
The measurement is performed by generating a sinusoidal signal, not modulated, with prescribed amplitude and frequency and measuring the input signal to the receiver with a wideband detector; this method has some limitations concerning dynamic range for low level signal (minimum detachable signal), but it has the fundamental advantage that it is easy to measure the conversion gain of circuits with input frequency different from output frequency (for example: frequency converters, frequency multipliers and dividers).
It is equipped with two N connectors for connecting to the device under test:
- RF OUT port (internal generator output) to be connected to the input of the device under test
- RF IN port (internal detector input) to be connected to the output of the device under test
To the RF OUT port it is also connected a bridge circuit for the measurement of the impedance matching, using a second wideband detector.
For proper operation, it needs to be controlled by a PC trough a USB 2.0 port and dedicated software.
It is shipped with an external 230 VAC power supply, but it can be powered from a 12 V battery (11 – 15 VDC) at 800 mA max for mobile use.
  • Measurement capability: Gain – Impedance matching
  • Frequency range: 0,4 – 2.500 MHz nominal; 0,1 – 2.600 MHz with reduced performance
  • Generator output level: from 0 to -50 dBm with 1 dB steps
  • Precision of generator output level:
    • from 0,4 to 900 MHz: +/- 1 dB;
    • from 900 to 2500 MHz: +/- 1,5 dB (in CW mode)
  • Resolution of generator frequency: less than 1 Hz (the measurement is performed on 401 equidistant points in Low Speed mode or on 101 points in High Speed mode)
  • Precision of generator frequency: +/- 10 ppm (+/- 0,001 %) with thermal compensation
  • Receiver signal full scale From +3 to 33 dBm with 1dBm steps (signals stronger then +23 dBm only if duty cycle is less then 0,1) Receiver signal precision +/- 3 dB without calibration; +/- 1 dB with calibration for measurements on not frequency changing devices
  • Dynamic range of gain measurement: frequencies from 0,4 to 100 MHz: from full scale to -60 dB Frequencies from 100 to 2500 MHz: from full scale to -50 dB
  • Dynamic range of impedance matching measurement: 30 dB from 0,4 to 100 MHz; 25 db from 100 to 450 MHz; 20 dB from 450 to 2000 MHz; 15 dB from 2000 to 2500 MHz
  • Supply 11 – 15 Vdc 800 mA
  • Connector: N
  • Max. Frequency: 2.5 GHz
  • Min. Frequency: 400 kHz (100 kHz)
  • Source: internal
  • Interface: USB-PC