Auburn Technology, P-20A

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Auburn Technology, P-20A
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Product description
The P-20A is a PASSIVE 10:1 RF VOLTAGE RF PROBE with a 50 Volt  DC BLOCK built in. It has been designed to allow users of RF test equipment to use standard signal tracing techniques. The P-20A makes it possible to conveniently and accurately monitor or inject signals up to 3 GHz into RF circuits without significantly loading or detuning them. The P-20A comes with Interchangeable Ground Clips that adapt to a wide range of applications.
  • Voltage Attenuation 10:1 (Nominal for 50 Ohms sources)
  • RF Attenuation 20 dB (nominal for 50 Ohms sources)
  • Probe Cable: 1 meter in Length, BNC Connector
  • DC Voltage Block: 50 Volts Maximum
  • RF Loading effects: 500 Ohms +/- 10%, < 1pFat 1 MHz
  • Frequency response 100kHz a 3 GHz ( +/-  3dB)
  • RF Voltage range: 7 Vrms (continuos), 35 Vrms (MAX 1 Sec.)
  • Max. Frequency: 3 GHz
  • Min. Frequency: 100 kHz