Anritsu (Wiltron), MS4623B

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Anritsu (Wiltron), MS4623B
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Product description
The foundation of the Scorpion® MS462xx Vector Network Measurement System (VNMS) is a high performance 2-port S-parameter measurement engine consisting of a single flexible source and ultra-linear receiver. This vector network analyzer (VNA) engine provides all the necessary features to thoroughly characterize your RF components versus time, frequency and power. Simply upgrade your Scorpion, as shown in the following table, to further apply this powerful engine towards performing 3 and 4-Port S-parameter measurements…
…And, Scorpion is NOT limited to just S-parameters. A single connection to Scorpion reveals the true performance of your RF device especially as your passive devices are integrated with active devices. This single instrument, consisting of both flexible models and powerful options, means you can design and manufacture all of your passive, active, mixer, power amplifier, and custom RF devices! For example, you can also add any or all of the following options to your 2, 3, or 4-Port S-parameter engine: Time Domain, Noise Figure, Frequency Translating Group Delay (FTGD), Harmonics and Intermodulation Distortion (IMD). This integrated and compact measurement solution provides unparalleled performance, versatility and value for all of your RF measurement requirements.
  • Frequency range 10 MHz - 6 GHz
  • Color display
  • Output power range -25 to +7 dBm
  • Opt.2: Time domain
  • Opt.3B: second source
  • Opt.4:  3 GHz noise figure
  • Opt.8: Harmonic measurement
  • Opt.10: Internal control of Autocal
  • Opt.13: Intermodulation Distortion
  • Interfaccia GPIB
  • Connector: N
  • Max. Frequency: 6 GHz
  • Min. Frequency: 10 MHz
  • Channels: 3