Advantest, R3767CH

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Advantest, R3767CH
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Product description
The Advantest R3767CH is a vector network analyzer which can measure amplitude, phase, group delay time and impedance of high-frequency electronic devices.

The R3767CH includes a built in S-Parameter test set and the measurement frequency ranges from 40 MHz to 8 GHz.

The use of newly developed high-speed signal processing architecture realizes high speed measurement of 0.15ms / point (at normalized calibration) or 0.25ms / point (at 2-port full calibration) with 10 kHz resolution bandwidth.

The full color TFT screen of the R3767CH is perfect for production engineering
  • Minimum Frequency: 40 MHz
  • Maximum Frequency: 8 GHz
  • Frequency Resolution: 1 Hz
  • Frequency Accuracy: 0.002 %
  • Maximum Output Power: 10 mW
  • 2 Channels
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Maximum Dynamic Range: 100 dB
  • Minimum Displayed Average Noise: -100 dBm
  • Maximum Input Decibel: 15 dBm
  • GPIB
  • Color Display
  • Connector: N
  • Max. Frequency: 8 GHz
  • Min. Frequency: 40 MHz
  • Channels: 2
  • Source: internal
  • Test set: S-parameter integrated
  • Interface: GPIB