Advantest, R3261A

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Advantest, R3261A
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Product description
The Advantest R3261A Spectrum Analyzer also offers high performance functions such as a central frequency with a 1 Hz resolution, start/stop frequency setting and an internal frequency counter with a 1 Hz resolution.

Trace store modes and marker measurement modes simplify test measurements. A memory card reader is standard for storing setups, traces, and measurements. An internal demodulator provides sound to a front panel phone jack.

The Advantest R3261A Spectrum Analyzer has a full GPIB interface.

Technical details:

  • Frequency range9 KHz-2,6 GHz
  • Frequency resolution 1 Hz
  • Max resolutionRBW 30 HZ
  • Amplitude measuring range from-130 dBmto+25 dBm
  • Sweep time from 50 ms to 1000 s
  • Demodulator: AM/FM
  • Display: CRT mono
  • Max. Frequency: 2.6 GHz
  • Min. Frequency: 9 kHz
  • Min. Resolution: 30 Hz