TTi, EX752M


TTi, EX752M
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Descrizione del prodotto

The EX-R series of compact mixed-mode regulated power supplies offers output power from 175 → 420W. The models have high resolution four digit meters and switchable remote sense terminals.

  • Mixed-mode regulated with linear final regulation
  • Constant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over
  • 4 digit meters with 10mV and 1mA resolution
  • Switchable remote sense terminals for perfect regulation at the load
  • DC output switch enables voltage/current setup without load connected
  • Safety terminals accept fixed shroud 4mm plugs plus forks and wires
  • Silent fan-free convection cooling all models except EX2020R & EX4210R (intelligent fan cooling)
  Dual outputs with three modes of operation:
    2 x 75V/2A
    1 x 75V/4A
    1 x 150V/2A
  Independent digital voltage and current meters 
    for each output with 100mV and 10mA resolution
  Constant voltage or constant current operation
  Compact design uses less bench space
  Silent fan-free cooling
  DC output switches, automatic mode indication

  Touch-proof safety terminals
  • Corrente massima: 4A
  • Tensione massima: 150V