Tektronix, TDS3054

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Tektronix, TDS3054
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Descrizione del prodotto

The Tektronix TDS3054 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 5 GS/s is the lowest priced, most portable Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes (DPOs). Now every design engineer and technician can take advantage of the tremendous benefits of Tektronix TDS3054. DPOs deliver a new level of insight that makes dealing with complex signals simple. DPOs display, store and analyze in real-time three dimensions of signal information:amplitude, time and distribution of amplitude over time.


The Tektronix TDS3054 has an intensity graded color display that provides information about the frequency of occurrence of signal amplitudes and widths. This helps the user locate and characterize waveform anomalies that can be elusive on traditional Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. The fast update rate of the Tektronix TDS3054 also makes it easier to capture and display infrequent waveforms or waveform variations
  • 4 Channels at 500MHz / 5GS/s
  • 21Automatic Measurements
  • Full VGA Color LCD
  • Built-in Floppy Disk Drive For Easy Storage and Documentation
  • Centronics Port Standard on all Models for Quick,Convenient Hardcopies
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)for Frequency and Harmonic Analysis
  • Optional Telecommunications Mask Testing (TMT) Module
  • Canali: 4
  • Display: TFT colori
  • Larghezza di Banda : 500 MHz
  • Velocità di campionamento: 5 GS/s