Tektronix, 2465B

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Tektronix, 2465B
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Descrizione del prodotto
The 2465B Oscilloscope is a four-channel oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 400MHz, sensitivity of 2 mV at 400MHz, and risetime on all channels of 0.875 ns. The 2465B also has a sweep speed of 500 ps/Div, and Volts and Time cursors with on-screen readout. The 2465B has an Input that is switchable between 1 Mohm and 50 ohm, on-board capture allowing you to digitize, store and recall waveforms or analyze them on your PC. The 2465B also has a 20 ps Time Interval Resolution. Other features of the 2465B include Auto Setup, Set-Up Sequencing and Cursor After Delay.
  • Banda: 400 MHz
  • 4 Canali indipendenti
  • 1 ns/div Sweep Rate
  • 2 mV/div Sensibilità verticale
  • Cursori e Readout
  • Canali: 4
  • Display: CRT
  • Larghezza di Banda : 400 MHz