Sorensen Ametek DCS20-50 Alimentatore

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Sorensen Ametek DCS20-50 Alimentatore
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Descrizione del prodotto
The Sorensen DCS Series (hereafter DCS Series) is ideally suited for a wide range of applications requiring DC power in a small form factor. Applications range from manufacturing  test and burn-in of automotive components, avionics electronics, telecommunications and  consumer products to beam steering, process control and laboratory R&D use. The DCS Series is comprised of 1kW, 1.2kW and 3kW programmable power supplies utilizing switchmode technology to achieve high power density in a low profile chassis. The design platform provides a highly reliable power supply for years of constant use. The unique design is available in a variety of maximum voltages from 8V to 600V and maximum currents from 1.7A to 350A with low ripple and noise.
This user-friendly platform can be controlled from the front panel with 10-turn potentiometers to adjust voltage, current and OVP settings. LEDs indicate over temperature, remote programming, shutdown and overvoltage protection Remote control options allow full computer
control through IEEE-488 (option M9C), LXI Standard Compliant* Ethernet LAN (option M130) or RS-232 (options M9C, M130)
  • Range di tensione 0 - 20 V
  • Range di corrente 0 - 50 A
  • Potenza 1kW
  • Display LED
  • Lavora anche a corrente costante (CC)
  • Corrente massima: 50A
  • Display: LCD
  • Interfaccia: Analogica
  • Tensione massima: 20V
  • Tensione minima: 0 V
 € 550,00