HP Agilent Keysight, 6002A

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HP Agilent Keysight, 6002A
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Descrizione del prodotto

HP 6002A DC power supply offers an exceptional combination of performance and flexibility.  It employs a unique control concept which provides for an autoranging output with the performance characteristics of linear regulation.  The 6002A is a 200 watt CV/CC power supply, which may be remotely programmed via the HP-IB when equipped with Option 001.

As an autoranging power supply, the 6002A can provide 200 watts over a wide range of voltage and currents without external intervention.  This allows it to take the place of multiple conventional power supplies.  For example, the 6002A can replace both a 50 volt, 4 ampere supply and a 20 volt, 10 ampere supply.

System Features/Remote Control

Analog programming of output voltages and current can be accomplished through the use of remotely controlled resistance or voltage applied to rear panel terminals.  Additional control terminals are provided for remote load voltage sensing, auto-series or parallel operation, and for remotely activating the crowbar circuit.  A pulse output from the crowbar terminal indicates the overvoltage circuit has been self-activated.  A voltage step change appearing on terminal indicates a changeover to or from constant-current operation.

HP-IB Option

Digital programming via Option 001 permits control of output voltage or current by the Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus (HP-IB).  Two programmable ranges allow better resolution below 10 volts or 2 amperes.  The selection of HP-IB control of either voltage or current is done by rear panel switches.  The IEEE 488 interface functions are supported by the 6002A with Option 001 are basic listener (L2) and acceptor handshake (AH1).  Complete explanation of these interface functions is available in the IEEE Std. 488-1978.

  • Range in tensione:DC-50V
  • Range in corrente: 0-10A
  • Potenza massima: 200 Watt
  • Opera in Constant-voltage/constant-current
  • Interfaccia HP-IB opzionale
  • Protezione alle sovratensioni
  • CV/CC operating status
  • Remote analog programming and sensing
  • Corrente massima: 10 A
  • Display: Analogico
  • Interfaccia: Analogica con programmazione analogica tramite resistore
  • Tensione massima: 50 V
  • Tensione minima: DC