HP Agilent Keysight, 4274A


HP Agilent Keysight, 4274A
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Descrizione del prodotto
The 4274A Multi-Frequency LCR Meter is a microprocessor based impedance measuring instrument making the evaluation of LCR components, complex components, and semiconductor materials quick-and-easy. A wide range of components can be tested with the 4274A due to its wide frequency range of 100Hz to 100kHz and test signal levels of 1 mV to 5 VRMS. The meter measures equivalent series resistance (ESR), impedance (|Z|), phase angle (Theta), reactance (X), susceptance (B), and conductance (G), in addition to the conventional L, C, R, D and Q parameters. The 4274A measures only the value of the component and/or device under test, with 5 1/2-digit resolution and 0.1% basic accuracy by reducing the possibility of errors due to self or mutual inductance, stray capacitance and/or residual inductance in the test leads or test fixture used. This measurement is obtained by a four terminal pair configuration and a built in automatic zero offset to compensate for these errors. A self test provides an automatic operational verification check indicating a pass or fail condition.


  • Frequenze di Test:
    • da 100 Hz a 100 kHz
  • Livello del segnale di test:
    • da 1 mV a 5 Vrms
  • 0.1% accuratezza base
  • Misure: L/C - D/Q/ESR/G; IZI - e, R-X/B/L/C; DLCRZ, D%
  • Alta risoluzione - 5.5 digit; D=0.00001
  • Accuratezza: 0.1%
  • Frequenza di test: da 100 Hz a 100 KHz in frequenze spot
  • Portata capacità max. min.: 1 pF - 1000 mF
  • Portata induttanza max. min.: 100 nH - 10 KH
  • Portata resistenza max. min.: 100 milliohm - 10 megaohm
  • Risoluzione: 5.5 digit