EIP, 575


EIP, 575
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Descrizione del prodotto
The EIP 575 Frequency Counter provides fully automatic control in phase locking virtually any swept signal source to the same accuracy and long-term stability as the time-base oscillator in the counter. This ability to stabilize the frequency of nearly any sweep generator often eliminates the need for an expensive, synthesized signal generator or a single-function, stand-alone.

  • Source Locking: Broadband control of swept sources provides synthesizer stability
    Fully automatic tuning control over the range form 10 MHz to 18 GHz
    GPIB interface for automatic systems is included as standard equipment
    Storage and recall of nine programmed frequencies permits instant running
  • Frequency Measurement: Automatic frequency counting over the entire range 10 Hz to 18 GHz
    -30 dBm sensitivity
    5 watt input protection
    Multiple-signal discrimation
    GPIB operation
  • Spectrum Analysis: Unique front-end design combined with frequency limits function permits frequency and power of individual signals to be measured in a multi-signal environment.

  • 10Hz to 18GHz.
  • Automatic source locking.
  • YIG-tuned RF input filter.
  • Excellent FM tolerance, and 10dB amplitude discrimination.
  • Resolution: 1Hz to 1GHz.
  • Measurement time: 1mSec for 1kHz resolution. 1 Sec for 1Hz resolution.
  • Sensitivity: -25dBm.
  • Up to nine preprogrammed frequencies can be stored for easy recall.
  • GPIB.

Descrizione possibbili opzioni

  • Option 01: D to A converter
  • Option 02: Power Meter
  • Option 03: Time Base Aging rate per 24 hours < 5xE-09
  • Option 04: Time Base Aging rate per 24 hours < 1xE-09
  • Option 09: Rear Input


  • Frequenza massima: 18 GHz
  • Frequenza minima: 10 Hz
  • Numero canali: 3
  • Numero digit: 12
  • Risoluzione: 1 Hz
  • Sensibilità: 25 mV, -20dBm, -25 dBm
 € 750,00