Aeroflex 3920 Universal Test set

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Aeroflex 3920 Universal Test set
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Descrizione del prodotto
The 3920 is the latest radio test solution from Aeroflex for engineering, production and field service applications. The instrument provides a comprehensive range of general purpose analog measurement facilities as well as advanced  digital test options. The 3920 includes many standard features as well as a host of optional test capabilities and digital personalities.
Il 3920 include le seguenti standard caratteristiche:
• 1 GHz frequency range
• High performance FM/AM/SSB analog duplex test capabilities
• Sensitive receiver with built-in pre-amp for off air measurements
• Color coded pass/fail results
• -140 dBm (typical) DANL spectrum analyzer with 8 markers
• Dual-Channel oscilloscope to 4 MHz
• Full audio analysis for AF level, frequency, SINAD and distortion measurements
• Three high accuracy audio modulators/function generators
• Three high accuracy audio baseband generators
• Tone encode and decode functionality including DTMF, DCS, tone remote, 2-tone sequential, and 5/6-tone
• GPIB, Ethernet, USB and RS-232 interfaces
• HP/Agilent 8920B remote emulation
  • Frequenza massima: 1 GHz, 2.7GHz con Opzione