TTi, TGA1244

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TTi, TGA1244
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Product description
The TGA1200 series combine a true variable clock arbitrary generator with a high performance DDSfunction generator and pulse  generator in a single instrument. The TGA1244 - 40MS/s is four channels waveform generator in 3U case.
On multi-channel units each channel can be operated fully independently, or multiple channels can be linked using simple or complex relationships.
The TGA1200 series are highly sophisticated 12-bit arbitrary generators capable of recreating virtually any waveform.
Each channel can operate as a full DDS function generator. High quality sine, cosine, haversine, havercosine and square waves are
available between 1mHz and 16MHz (TGA124x) or 40MHz (TGA1210x). Triangle, ramp and sine(x)/x waveforms are available from 0.1mHz up to 100kHz.
Each channel can generate not just pulses but complex pulse trains.
  • Frequency Range:
    • 0·1mHz - 16 MHz (sine,square);
    • 0.1mHz - 100kHz (triangle, ramps, sinx/x)
  • Output Impedence: 50 Ohm
  • Sweep continuos, triggered, linear o logarithmic
  • Amplitude: 5mV - 20Vpp (open circuit)
  • Modulations: AM and SCM (Suppressed Carrier Modulation)
  • GPIB and RS232
  • Max. Frequency: 16 MHz
  • Min. Frequency: 0.1 mHz
  • Pulse generator: yes
  • Max. Level: 20Vpp
  • Min. Level: 5mVpp
  • sweep: yes