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Product description

The Thurlby Thandar PL320QMT unit incorporates digital meters with a 3.75 digit scale length (4095 counts) to provide greater accuracy and resolution than other PSUs.

Large and bright LEDs give a clear and unambiguous reading. An update rate of 4 per second provides near instantaneous response. Separate meters are used for voltage and current, eliminating the need for meter function switches with their attendant problems of misinterpretation. A damping switch for the current meter simplifies measurements on rapidly varying loads.

Remote sense terminals enable the precision to be maintained at high currents by eliminating the effects of connection lead resistance. Without remote sense lead resistance of just a few tens of milliohms can seriously degrade regulation and produce misleading results. (Two cables of 0.05W each will drop a total of 0.3V at 3A.).

The Thurlby Thandar PL320QMT sets the standard for simple and comprehensive control. Voltages are set with coarse and fine controls for speed with precision. Currents are set with a semi-logarithmic control for increased resolution at low current levels.

The DC output switch enables voltage and current levels to be set before the load is connected. With the output switch off the current limit set point is displayed. With the output switch on the actual output current flowing is displayed.

This invaluable feature allows delicate circuits to be protected by accurately setting the current limit level (down to a few milliamps if necessary) before connecting the circuit under test.

  • Simultaneous digital metering of voltage and current
  • True constant voltage or constant current operation
  • Twin 3.75 digit meters with large LED displays
  • 0.1% accuracy; 0.01V and 0.001A resolution
  • Excellent stability, resolution and setting accuracy
  • DC output switches, automatic mode indication
  • Precise control and monitoring of current limit settings
  • Remote sense facility for high-current precision
  • Current meter damping switch for fluctuating currents
  • Parallel, series and tracking modes on QMD and QMT models
  • High current logic supply output on QMT models
  • Manufacturers part no. Thurlby Thandar PL320QMT
  • Output Voltage 0 → 32 V, 4 → 6 V
  • Output Current 0 → 2 A, 0.1 → 4 A
  • Number of Outputs 3 (1 Logic Output)
  • Power Rating 240W
  • Supply Voltage 115 V ac, 230 V ac
  • Number of Displays 4 LED
  • Max current: 4A
  • Display: LED
  • Max. Voltage: 64V
  • Min. Voltage: DC