SRS (Stanford Research), DS345

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SRS (Stanford Research), DS345
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Product description
The DS345 Function Generator is a full-featured 30 MHz synthesized function generator that uses an innovative Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) architecture. It generates many standard waveforms with excellent frequency resolution (1 µHz), and has versatile modulation capabilities including AM, FM, Burst, PM and frequency sweeps. It also generates arbitrary waveforms with a fast 40 Msample/s update rate.
  • 1 µHz to 30.2 MHz frequency range
  • 1 µHz frequency resolution
  • Sine, square, ramp, triangle & noise
  • Phase continuous sweeps
  • AM, FM, PM & burst
  • 16,300 point arbitrary waveforms
  • 10 MHz reference input
  • RS-232 and GPIB (opt.01)
  • Max. Frequency: 30.2 MHz
  • Min. Frequency: 1 µHz
  • sweep: yes