ShibaSoku TG45AX Test Signal Generator

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ShibaSoku TG45AX Test Signal Generator
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Product description

The TG45AX is a test signal generator conforming to NTSC, NTSC-4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL-60, 525p, 625p and HDTV 26 formats for TV monitors and the VESA all standards for PC display monitors.

The hardware designed to support up to a 400MHz dot clock frequency can flexibly support syncs to be added in the future, such as sync in PC displays where higher resolution has been increasingly pursued. Analog composite, component, drive signal, 15-pin D-sub and parallel digital signal output are provided as standard. Other digital signal outputs including HDMI (Ver.1.3, generates xvYCC and Deep color) and SD/HD-SDI are available as option. In addition to the rich array of built-in 12 bits test signals and optional natural still pictures, the TG45AX has abundant variable function, image composing function and scrolling function. These functions allow user to check the non-standard signals and pseudo moving signals etc.

  • Opt TG45BX001 3G HD/SD SDI Output Unit
  • Opt TG45CX003 HDMI Output Unit
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