Racal, 1992

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Racal, 1992
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Product description
The 1992 Universal Counter is a great general purpose Timer/Counter. It provides Frequency, Period, Time Interval, Ratio, Totalize, Phase, plus much more. It covers the frequency range of DC to 1.3GHz. Channel A's sensitivity is 25 mV rms to 100MHz and 50 mV rms to 160MHz. Channel B: Same sensitivity as Channel A except that the frequency range is 10Hz to 100MHz. Channel C's sensitivity is less than 15 mV rms from 40MHz to 1GHz and less than 75 mV up through 1.3GHz.

Functions include :
     Resolution to .001Hz, 9 digits plus Exponent
     Variable trigger levels and slopes
     selectable 50 ohm or 1M ohm inputs on A& B
     Channel A: DC to 160MHz
     Channel B: DC to 100MHz
     Channel C: 40 to 1300MHz 
     Period A
     Time Interval A – B
     Total A
     Phase A relative to B
     Ratio A/B
     Ratio C/B
     Check Function
     Math Functions
     External Arming

  • Max. Frequency: 1.3 GHz
  • Min. Frequency: DC
  • Channels: 3
  • Digit: 9
  • Sensibility: 25mV 100MHz. 50 mV 160 MHz, 10mV 1 GHz