Power supply Sorensen Ametek XG60-28 60V 28A 1500W

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Power supply Sorensen Ametek XG60-28 60V 28A 1500W
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Product description
The XG 1700 is an industry leading programmable DC power supply designed for test, production, laboratory, OEM and quality assurance applications. The XG 1700 is a 1700 Watt, 1U programmable power supply with constant voltage and constant current modes, automatic cross-over and numerous features enabling cost effective, easy integration.
XG 1700 has many control and indication signals such as shutdown, constant voltage (CV) vs. constant current (CC) mode indication, OVP, OCP, OTP, and so on. In addition, the logical-high or -low is free selectable. Thus enabling the XG 1500 to replace existing power supplies with little or no system engineering required.
  • Rated Power: 1700W
  • Output Voltage: 0-60V
  • Output Current: 0-28A
  • Max current: 28A
  • Display: LCD
  • Max. Voltage: 60V