Philips, PM5139

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Philips, PM5139
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Product description

The Philips PM5139 Function Generator from 0.1 mHz to 20 MHz. Sine, square, triangular, positive and negative pulse. Output from 1mV to 20 Vpp. Modulation: AM, FM, PSK, sweep, burst, gate, internal and external.


Technical details:

  • Frequency range from 0.1 mHz up to 20 MHz
  • 10 Standard waveforms
  • 6 arbitrary waveforms
  • Output 50Ω low Zₒ
  • Interface HP-IB e RS-232
  • Maximum Level Output 20 Vpp
  • Internal modulation
  • Phase Noise < -80dBc


  • Max. Frequency: 20 MHz
  • Min. Frequency: 0.1 mHz
  • Max. Level: 20 Vpp