Leader, LFG-1300

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Leader, LFG-1300
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Product description
The LFG1300S is a general-purpose signal source with a broad range of research, design, and service applications. Covers the frequency range from 0.02Hz to 2MHz (uncalibrated to 0.002Hz) and provides sine, square, triangle, ramp, and pulse output signals. Pulse symmetry is variable over a 9:1 range and, unlike many other instruments, changing the symmetry does not appreciably affect the output frequency. Linear and logarithmic sweep frequency outputs are available with sweep widths up to 1000:1. Output level is controlled by a calibrated 70 dB attenuator (10 dB/step) with continuous adjustment between steps. The output may be frequency or amplitude modulated by an external signal. A level control also provides suppressed carrier outputs.
  • Sweep function generator 0,002 Hz to 2 MHz in eight dekade ranges.
  • Linear and logarithmic sweep 20 ms to 5s, 10:1 to 1000:1, internal or external VCG.
  • Output signals sine, triangle, square, puls, sawtooth, DC and TTL.
  • Max. Frequency: 2 MHz
  • Min. Frequency: 0.002 Hz
  • Pulse generator: si
  • Max. Level: 20 Vpp
  • sweep: si