Leader, LAG-120A

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Leader, LAG-120A
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Product description
The LAG-120A precision wide  band  audio sine/square wave  generator is used for testing and servicing audio equipment. Frequency dial accuracy is ± 3% across  the 10 Hz to 1 MHz range. The rotary 10 dB step attenuator and the  20 dB variable control  offer an attenuation range  of 70 dB. The rated output  is 3 V rms into a 600 W load and approximately 25 V p-p open  circuit. A terminator is provided as an accessory for 600 W source impedance requirements.
  • Frequency Range: 10 Hz - 1 MHz
  • Output Level: 3 Vrms (sine), 3 Vpp (square)
  • Rear panel SYNC Input
  • 50 dB step Attenuator
  • 20 dB variable Attenuator
  • Max. Frequency: 1 MHz
  • Min. Frequency: 10 Hz
  • Max. Level: 3 Vrms