Lambda EMS 30-33 DC Power supply 30V 33A 1kW

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Lambda EMS 30-33 DC Power supply 30V 33A 1kW
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Product description

The EMS series are high power switch mode AC to DC power supplies for applications where high efficiency, precise regulation and a high degree of packing density and light weight are required.

This series of high frequency switching power supplies is designed to operate as a source of constant current/constant voltage with automatic crossover. All EMS Power Supplies are fully programmable via an analog programming or (optional) RSTL digital interface, allowing for systems integration to meet your specific requirements.


AC Input
220 VAC (optional) single phase

1 kW models: 115 VAC (standard),
220 VAC (optional) single phase

All models 50/60 Hz
Softstart AC inrush
Consult factory for other inputs

Output Characteristics
Regulation: 0.1%
Stability: 0.05%
Transient response: 650 microseconds for 30% load change (models up to 20 VDC)
Operating temperature: 0-50 Deg C full output, derate above 50 Deg C.

Protective Features
Overvoltage (up to 300 VDC outputs)
  • Max current: 33A
  • Display: LCD
  • Interface: Analog
  • Max. Voltage: 30V
  • Min. Voltage: 0V